Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Archaeologists make HUGE discovery about Jesus under Jerusalem building

It seems that more and more archaeologists are uncovering important biblical artifacts which prove the accuracy of the Bible and provide extra clues and context about what really went down during the time Jesus Christ walked the earth.
An excavation under an old abandoned building in Jerusalem–which has been going on for the last 15 years–may have unearthed the exact location where Jesus was placed on trial, which as any Christian will tell you, is a very important event in the life of Christ.

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When archaeologists began digging below an abandoned building in Jerusalem’s Old City 15 years ago as part of an effort to expand a museum there, they likely had no idea what they were about to stumble upon.

There, underneath the floor, they uncovered what’s left of the suspected palace where Jesus’ trial might have taken place before his crucifixion — a monumental event that is recounted in the New Testament, according to the Washington Post.

Prior to digging, researchers knew that the location had housed an old prison used by the Ottoman Empire, but finding what they believe to be Herod the Great’s palace was a surprise.
Archaeologists made the stunning find while preparing to expand the Tower of David Museum, which provides exhibits documenting Jerusalem’s history.

The site is now on display for folks who visit the museum.

Many still aren’t convinced this is the exact location of Jesus’ trial, but according to University of North Carolina professor Shimon Gibson, the majority of the archaeological, historical, and biblical evidence seems to indicate the location that was discovered is the right spot.

Regardless, this is a super exciting find. As a Christian, I don’t need to see tons of archaeological artifacts to have faith. I believe the Bible is true, accurate, and gives me everything I need to know in order to know God and live my life for His glory.

However, it’s also pretty sweet to see how history backs up the accounts written in the Bible.