Friday, February 27, 2015

Antichrist Rising: Laws And Patents On Food And Water To Control It?

Presently, more people believe the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is closer now than any other time in history. Unlike previous incitements that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is about to arrive, eschatologists have studied more details from the Holy Bible, utilizing both prophecy and the conditions of the world. Here at Mad World News, we reported on current events and situations that compliment their findings — from the Catholic Church seeming to unify worldly faiths into a one-world religion, which must be accepted, to receiving popular technology in the form of the “Mark of the Beast.” To assist in progression, organizations are compartmentalizing the globe to manage people. The United Nations (UN) is achieving this through dividing the world into ten regions. Isn’t it peculiar that in End Times, there will be ten kingdoms ruled by ten kings that work under the Antichrist?
However, there is a single peculiarity that confuses people that pertains to necessities under controlled barter. How can the Antichrist control food and water under his rule? Ancient humans lived as hunter/gatherers for centuries. People can refuse said “Mark of the Beast” and simply grow, hunt, and collect food right? That may not be as easy as it sounds during End Times if certain events happening today continue to progress. All that is needed is for worldly people to follow laws and patents.
To begin this investigative op-ed, we’ll start with government laws. Generally, said laws are made to be to the people, by the people, and for the people, but presently, that may no longer be the case. Prospecting laws are usually made to favor the elite yet is disguised as progressive, as in said ideas will progress the country. For liberals, that means making certain things illegal. Case and point, guns. Over the past two years, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have taken strides to demolish the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. As for recent moves, Sean Brown reported Obama is utilizing BAFTE to ban the popular AR-15 and any ammo it uses. For clarification purposes, the true purpose of the Second Amendment is to arm citizens with the means to defend themselves against a corrupt government (like now). However, firearms are used for many reasons outside of defense, and one of those major secondary reasons for needing arms is hunting.
If firearms were suddenly illegal, how much harder would it be to hunt for food? To be fair, people are able to hunt with bows and traps, but there is always the possibility the government might make those illegal too. For example, an article ran by the New York Daily News reported that Senator Tony Avella wanted to ban machetes in the state because it was the primary murder weapon in one isolated incident. All it takes is one incident with anything for the liberal left to use it as an excuse to get rid of something that is counter-productive to their agenda.
Sometimes, the government may not outright ban something. Instead, they’ll make it legal but with conditions. Believe it or not, this is best shown through licenses for hunting and fishing, along with permits and registrations. If applied and granted, hunters and fishers will be able to hunt and fish, but they’ll have to pay costs, meet requirements, follow issuance method, recognize exemptions, and follow restrictions.
Antichrist Rising: Laws And Patents On Food And Water To Control It?
In certain states, licenses for hunting and fishing are required to partake in said hunting and fishing.
Just for the purpose of example, I’ll utilize an alligator hunting permit here in Florida (because I’ve been with friends who alligator hunt before). Every season, hunters are restricted to take two alligators per permit. Even with edible meat being limited to the tail, back, and cheeks, that is a lot of meat to feed a family. Also, the restrictions currently make sense, taking into account alligators are threatened in Florida. Over-hunting can be devastating for them.
But what is holding back a government from increasing restrictions to the point they might as well be banned? This does’t have to be delegated to poaching but making requirements ridiculous. The price for hunting alligators is already high, in which the 2014 Season prices were $272 for residents, $1,022 for non-residents, or $62 for two cites tags only with a valid alligator trapping license valid until past the season. Now imagine the prices doubling or tripling for any reason? True an experienced alligator hunting may just skip paying the fees and continue to hunt as a form of rebellion, but in accordance to law, they are now a poacher in which ramifications are tantamount.
Call it paranoia if desired, but it is possible as proven from an article that made waves back in October of last year. National Report reported the Federal Government was mandating the minimum hunting age to be twenty-one. Snopes has since debunked the article, explaining that individual state governments decide the minimum age, but from the backlash, it shows the government can institute changes whenever they feel like it, which in turns causes turmoil for people, and that was over an age restriction.
Antichrist Rising: Laws And Patents On Food And Water To Control It?
In certain states, anyone caught growing a vegetable garden like the one pictured here, may face criminal persecution. (via Healthy Soshoku)
For the aforementioned, it seems the government has the means to prevent us from utilizing our hunting instinct if they want to control meat: ban our tools, make surviving illegal through restriction. But what about our instincts to cultivate and grow food through gardening? According to Liberty Voice, certain states have taken action to make gardening illegal in one way or the other. In Iowa, Florida, and Louisiana, their state governments believe a green, manicured lawn is much more appealing than growing vegetables and fruits. Violators have been threatened with hefty fines or even prison time. As a matter of fact, passed Senate Bill S510 has upped the ante on criminal legality not just to growing, but sharing, trading, or selling food from gardens, as reported by Infowars.
Even with the government’s advances on controlling organically-grown food, it is nowhere near the control needed for the Antichrist’s New World Order. The truth of the matter is certain laws only pass if backed by people. Just because a party – both Democrat and Republican – enforces a view, mature supporters (the ones that consider politics on personal experience) on both sides will not simply jump on the wagon. There has to be some information that helps in a decision. For organic farming, there is just way too much research, study, and history that favors it.
Yet, there is a way around governmental law on controlling gardening and that is through patents. Basic environmental science shows almost all plants, including fruits and vegetables grown in gardens, come from seeds. Presently, Monsanto owns the patent to more than 400 seeds. According to Monsanto’sresources page, the reason why they are able to patent seeds is because it is recognized as “technology.”
“According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (USDA ERS), Monsanto and its subsidiaries (including Asgrow® and DeKalb®) currently own more than 400 separate plant technology patents. Agricultural companies such as Monsanto are able to patent seed trait technology because it is considered intellectual property, and intellectual property rights are protected in the U.S.”
“As the USDA ERS explains, ‘Intellectual property rights in agriculture—for example, patents and plant variety protection certificates—are frequently used to protect technological advances. These rights allow their owners to exclude competitors from making, using, offering for sale, or selling an invention for a limited period of time. As the pace of scientific discovery in agricultural biotechnology has accelerated over the past few decades, the use of patents and other intellectual property rights to protect these discoveries has increased tremendously.'”
If said seeds are “technology,” how can a company patent it when said technology is eons older than the company itself? Anyways, without going into the frivolous lawsuits surrounding “the most evil company in the world,” we can report that because Monsanto owns the “technology,” they can manipulate it any way they like. Ergo, genetically modified organisms were made, and they are causing havoc. A great example is the situation happening in India and what GMO corn has done to farmers there.
According to The Inquisitr, Monsanto offered GMO corn seeds to Indian farmers back in 2002, promising them greater yields. Therefore, farmers would take out loans to buy the “miracle” GMO corn seeds that did not deliver. Sheldon Krimsky, the head of the Council of Responsible Genetics, confirms this.
“The people would give out the loans if they believed these seeds would give the greatest yields. So they are not going to get a loan if they don’t go with the GMOs. And many of them felt coerced to take the GM seeds. The GM crops have not done as well in all regions of India… [That has led to] much greater indebtedness with the GM crops that did not perform as well.”
Not only did the GMO corn seeds not produce, but the seeds they make in turn do not work either. One of the underlying modifications Monsanto has incorporated into their seeds is once it has matured to the point of producing seeds for the following year, the seeds are useless. This means farmers will have to go back to supermarkets to purchase GMO seeds just to grow their crops again. Organic seeds do not have these problems.
Under the Antichrist, all major corporations and all governments will become one under his foot. By then, all the restrictions, patents, and bans will have been incorporated for full control of the population’s food supply. I know a lot of people will default this article as a conspiracy theory and that is fine. For you all, I’ll give you all something to ponder about with this video on what Peter Brabeck, CEO of Nestle, says about the most important element for life, water, as reported by Natural News.