Thursday, April 2, 2015

7 Habits Of Highly Spiritual People

You're highly productive, goal-oriented and efficient at life ... but are you achieving your life's dreams at the expense of your spiritual growth?
You may think that spiritual growth is for people who have too much time on their hands — not for busy people climbing the professional ladder. But the problem with this thinking is that when you reach all of your goals you might find that they don't resonate with your spirit.
And while you can suppress your spiritual self for some time, you can't do so for a lifetime. At some point, your life will yearn for more meaning. Connecting to your spiritual center is where your true power and purpose lie.
If you're living a soul-centered life, you're living from a place of purpose and wisdom. You'll notice that what you seek and desire begin to manifest more quickly.
So in the spirit of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, here are seven habits of highly spiritual people to help you live a more awakened and conscious life with purpose:
1. Accept and surrender.
"Acceptance means, for now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly." -Eckhart Tolle
Not every life situation can be changed, turned around or fixed. There will be moments in your life when you will have to step back and stay out of the way. Learning to accept change and uncertainty will help you live a more balanced and peaceful life.
Knowing that you can't change some things and that you don't have control over everything, allows you to be grateful for what is in front of you now. When the path is unclear or uncertain, let go instead of clinging more. Surrender and have faith that the universe will guide the way.
2. Begin with the soul in mind.
How often do you make time for the soul? Maybe this notion has never even crossed your mind.
Food, work, exercise and obligations may fill your everyday life, but what are you doing for your soul today? Set aside some time for soul-reflection and awareness. Pursue practices that help you get still, and begin to see your spirit at work.
Walk, pray, sing and silence your mind. Reflect upon art, observe your breath … listen to this source of all-knowing wisdom in your life.
Align your work and your life to your highest source of knowledge. Follow dreams and desires that align with your spirit. If you are unsure what your spirit's intentions are, slow down and listen more deeply. Elevate the importance of soul-wisdom in your life and create time for it.
3. Put spiritual things first.
As you go about the world from your spiritual center, learn where low vibrations and negative intentions are coming from.
Cut out anything in your life that is not spiritually sound and centered on your truth. Let go of the excesses in your life — including frivolous purchases — that don't serve your spirit.
Sit with and release the emotions stifling your spirit. Let go of work that diminishes your light and walk away from a career that crushes your soul. Feed your appetite with food that nourishes you.
4. Know that we are all one.
When you believe you are one with everyone, you will more easily let go of judgment, gossip and unhealthy comparisons.
Allow your soul to expand from within, to touch everyone around you. From your most sacred space or most intimate silence, spread the inner love of your soul to everyone you know. Share the light of your "soul-candle."
Set the intention to forgive those who have harmed you because they are one with you. Try to find a place of gratitude for those who get on your nerves, who have hurt you in the past, or who have helped you grow as a person. Shine the light of gratitude on the people who test you because they are your greatest spiritual teachers.
Bow in gratitude to those who have broken your heart and crushed your spirit — they have helped you crack open your heart so that you can awaken your spirit.
5. Seek to free yourself of ego and attachment.
Observe yourself and seek more awareness of ego in your life. See the ego when it tries to grab power, feel superior or push others down. Be observant of it when it is selfish, angry, spoiled or unreasonable. Feel the pangs of the ego when circumstances or people offend or irritate it.
See how attached you are to your current circumstances, the people in your life and your material possessions. Can you walk away from it all today and still be content? Practice the art of letting go every day in your life. Let go of thoughts, feelings and emotions that you want to cling to.
6. Synchronize with the universe.
Allow the universe to work for you and in your favor. Seek places and experiences that produce higher vibrations in your life. Cultivate good feelings and ride the wave of those feelings daily. Seek experiences (yoga, massage, sleep, slowly sipped tea) that make you feel good and cultivate more abundance in your life.
Give what you can of yourself, share freely, and extend compassion to everyone around you. Allow all your actions and movements to align with the universal source and watch miracles unfold in your life.
7. Sharpen your being.
Allow spirit to lead the way in all areas of your life. Become the best version of yourself spiritually and let that translate itself into your career, relationships, life and personality. Don't let the current reality and limitations stop you from living your best life. Let your spirit break through limiting visions, stuck circumstances and disempowering beliefs, to help you live the life of your dreams.
Make your spiritual habits central in your life and your life will never be the same. Live from a place of spirit; if you do, abundance, peace and fulfillment will naturally flow in.