Sunday, August 23, 2015

Plymouth church organist 'I can see face of Jesus in my cocktail cabinet' (10 Pics)

 People find Jesus in all sorts of ways – but the sentiment took on a different meaning for a church organist after he spotted the Holy Spirit staring back at him on his cocktail cabinet.

Robert Burgess-Moon, 35, bought the vintage item after seeing it in the classified adverts section of a newspaper.
He got the cabinet home and polished it up before filling it with old decanters and glasses. 

 But it was not until Mr Burgess-Moon felt someone looking at him while he was watching television that he noticed Jesus' face in the wood grains.

Mr Burgess-Moon, from Plymouth, Devon, said: 'We were looking for something vintage for our lounge so we could fill it with old decanters and glasses.

 'We went to see it, picked it up and brought it home. When we polished it up it came up really nice, we didn't see anything then.

'Later, I thought "There's a face looking at me through the cabinet". It looked like the face of Jesus, the image everybody has of him.
'We were quite shocked really, it was just not something you expect, it's like a Holy Spirit cabinet now.'

Mr Burgess-Moon is a regular churchgoer and has played the organ at a number of churches in his local area.
He said that while his partner, Martin, had not initially been able to see Jesus' face, he too was now convinced.
Mr Burgess-Moon added: 'He couldn't see it to begin with, but when I pointed it out to him it stands out.'