Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Rescued French Mastiff Was Found Buried Alive

Athena, named after the Greek Goddess Of War, was found buried alive . All that was exposed was the top of her head, which she had freed herself most likely because she was buried pretty shallow in a vacant lot. 
She wasn't able to fully free herself because she was anchored into the ground by her leash which was tied to a heavy bag of rocks. 
She was weak and dehydrated, but relatively calm as she was freed from her would-be grave.
Her rescuer's dog helped to free Athena too. The black pit bull's name is Goddess .
Goddess kept encouraging Athena to hang in there while she was freed!
As they worked to free her, they made sure to offer lots of water in order to rehydrate her. 
It was a slow process freeing Athena, but they didn't want to hurt her by using a shovel, so the dirt was scooped away by hand.  Here she is nearly free!
Athena was taken to a local veterinary clinic where she was treated for shock and dehydration with IV fluids.  The veterinarian discovered that she was at least 10 years old and had obviously suffered a lifetime of abuse.
Here's Athena with two new Rottweiler friends, learning what it's like to be a loved companion instead of someone's punching bag.