Sunday, September 13, 2015

Creepy Abandoned Cemetery Chapel (9 Pics)

Mount Rose is a beautiful old cemetery, dating back to 1837. A cemetery that old must be haunted, I mean why wouldn't it be. Talk about a creepy place already, but throw in an abandoned cemetery chapel housing an abandoned crematorium and you have one of the scariest concoctions I can think of. While part of the Mount Rose cemetery is still being used, the chapel and crematorium have been long since abandoned. Let's take a tour of this freaky chapel and guide ourselves down into the abandoned crematorium. Come along if you dare.
The chapel was built between 1837 and 1838 right on the edge of the cemetery it served. 
The cemetery was built to help with the other overcrowded cemeteries in the area. 
The old gothic styled chapel was built in 1873. Since then a few additions have been added including the abandoned crematorium. 
The crematorium was built in 1912 down beneath the chapel. 
Over the years the ancient crematorium and chapel were eventually abandoned and left to rot. 
Here is the mechanical table that would lower the dead down into the crematorium.
Talk about spooky. Many people have stated the abandoned buildings to be haunted. People hear strange noises on certain nights near the chapel. 
All that remains is an old furnace and a dilapidated chapel. The mechanical lift is still there rusting away along with a few steel coffins. 
The location is not actually called Mount Rose, the name was changed to preserve its secrecy and protect the crumbling buildings from trespassers.