Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dead Sea (11 Pics)

In fact, the Dead Sea, as it is known - is a lake between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. That, however, does not prevent him proudly cited as the most salty and lowest situated sea in the world. The concentration of salt in it is extremely great - it reaches 310 ‰, nearly eight times (!) Is higher than for example, located near the Mediterranean. A unique composition of salt is considered to be the most vysokotselebnym and therefore attracts the suffering and diseases from all over the world.

50.8% magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, 14.4%, 30.4% sodium chloride and 4.4% potassium chloride - this is such a magical broth contains the Dead Sea. All this creates a fascinating whimsical ornament, look at that - one pleasure. Beauty! But here's something for the novice and begin unpleasant surprises. For example, a seemingly ordinary beach, going to the neophyte who, fascinated by the very beauty of the salt strata, eager to quickly get close to that mistakenly believes water. However, coming closer, just starting to get bogged down in a viscous substance and misleading ... to sink deeper into the ground, yes! I, however, was lucky. I had the luck to fall "only a" knee-and it does not fall off, holding the camera in one hand and in the other iPhone. Can you imagine what would happen if the ill-fated machines dived into a hypertonic solution? Well, in slippers on his bare feet were, and if used in tissue sneakers? Launder all this later, but gryazyuka out there oh what prilipuchaya. Okay, get out, local they say that de healing power of "hydrochloric acid" is so great that heals lyuby injuries as much during the day. Let's see how quickly disappear, my leg wound received at unsuccessful rise in train more on the way to Minsk. As long as something is especially vaunted effect is noticeable. However, burning much so. But local though henna, all these neat. Even in such "bathing suits." And the sea-it, say, every year almost the shallows on a meter. At this rate, soon nothing from him and left. So Have time to enjoy! That's it. To be continued!