Saturday, September 19, 2015

There Are Over 6,000 People Living In This Cemetery (19 Pics)

It is always interesting to see how people live in other parts of the world. Sometimes they may have it better off than you do, but there are often times where people aren't in as good of a position. This is definitely one of those cases. There are over 6,000 people who call this cemetery their home in Manila. The reason why is because housing is so scarce and they have nowhere else to live.
Manila's North Cemetery, the oldest and the largest in Metro Manila with an area covering 54 acres, provides the city’s bottom rung dwellers ample space to live undisturbed.

Hidden from view, the cemetery is a thriving city with a vast and complex network of streets and alleys, tightly lined by tens of thousands of mausoleums and tombs.

There are now basketball hoops, fast-food stalls serving snacks and cigarettes to the residents, and those attending funerals or visiting loved ones.