Thursday, October 1, 2015

Radium Water, Crisco and Tapeworms! These 10 Vintage Foods Were Considered Healthy

Crisco- It’s Digestible

First introduced in 1911, Crisco was a cheap substitute for animal fat and butter. It was the first hydrogenated vegetable oil product sold. Before it was widely understood that hydrogenated oil is terrible for you, Crisco was marketed as not only economical but also “digestible.”

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup- The Stepping Stones to Diabetes 
McDonald’s Hamburgers

In what universe McDonald’s is wholesome?

Radium Water- Can’t even….

In the early 20th century radium was a cure-all that was in everything from toothpaste, make-up, and even water.

Seven-Up- Throw away that useless, nutritious milk, give your baby a 7up.
Soda And Sugar- Yeah, how come?
The sugar industry was trying to convince America that processed sugar is totally fine.
Sugar As A Diet Supplement

Tapeworms-Beats us…

Yeah, you are right, tapeworms were once considered to be a healthy way to lose weight.
Velveeta- it’s a cheese, it’s an orange, it’s a plastic.

Velveeta is an orange processed cheese with an almost plastic-like texture.
Vitamin Donuts – The paradox!
In the 1940s, Doughnut Corporation of America introduced “Vitamin Donuts.”
source: All day

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