Monday, January 11, 2016

The Hoodie That Will Allow You to Sleep Anywhere and Anytime in Total Comfort (10 pics)

Naps are the shit. And let’s be honest, half the time the only thing standing in our way of catching a few z’s wherever we are is the fact that we don’t have a damn pillow, right?
The newest Kickstarter campaign, Hypnos sleep hoodie, is here to solve that. It looks like your everyday pullover jacket at first glance, but there’s one crucial element that sets it above all the rest…

…A pillow. It’s inflatable, and it’s sewn inside a tailored pocket that fits very nicely inside the hood.

All you have to do is blow into the valve of the hoodie to inflate it if you’re feeling a little drowsy and need to ‘rest your eyes.’

For $49 you can get one for yourself on their Kickstarter site, and if you donate $59 or more you can get the zip-up.

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