Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This Attic String Reveals A 70-Year-Old Family Secret (10 Pics)

There have been many stories told of secret, hidden possessions that were buried away during years of war or turmoil.

Though they remained still and unseen for decades, their eventual unearthing is always suspenseful.

One man has returned “home” to search for family possessions that his father once hid away right before they were forced to evacuate the country.

His father had taught him a special way of finding the hidden objects, but it wasn’t easy to retrieve them. Seven decades after he last saw them, it was hard to tell whether the items had survived through years of wear and tear.

Thankfully, the objects, which had remained untouched since the years after World War II, were recovered and found to be intact. The Daily Mail spoke with some of those who were involved in the discovery.

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