Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weird Phobias That Really Affect Some People (24 pics)

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia: The fear of long words.

Agryrophobia: The fear of streets or crossing streets.

Ambulophobia: The fear of walking
Amychophobia: The fear of scratches being scratched.

Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten or ignored.

Barophobia: A fear of gravity.

Chaetophobia: Fear of hair.

Cleptophobia: The fear of stealing.

Cryophobia: The fear of extreme cold or frost.

Decidophobia: The fear of making decisions.

Gymnophobia: The fear of ever becoming naked

Philemaphobia: The fear of kissing.

Didaskaleinophobia: The fear of going to school.

Dishabiliophobia: The fear of undressing in front of other people.

Eisoptrophobia: The fear of being seen in a mirror.

Eleutherophobia: The fear of freedom.

Erotophobia: Fear of sex.

Melophobia: the fear of music.

Hagiophobia: The fear of holy objects.

Harpaxophobia: The fear of being robbed.

Lilapsophobia: The fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Motorphobia: Fear of cars.

Neophobia: The fear of anything new.

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