Friday, February 5, 2016

Take A Look Inside These Amazing Underground Shelters! (26 Pics)

 The company Atlas Survival Shelters is creating underground shelters for those of you who want some security. These underground shelters are as small or as big as you want them to be. But just make sure to get one before the end of the world.
Here is the door in the ground. It can easily be covered with sticks and twigs to be completely hidden. 
This is what the underground shelter looks like before they are installed. 
You can customize your shelter any way that you want to!
The shelters are buried deep into the ground for protection from anything.
The shelters typically start with a mud room before entering the living quarters. 
You can see how they provide a ton of space and 20′ below the ground! 
You can have your shelter customized to be just like a home away from home.
Why not have a flat screen when you’re surviving the apocalypse. 
Take a look at the lavish master bedroom. 
Here is the kids quarters with bunk beds behind the living quarters.
Here is a fully equipped laundry room and bathroom that are fully plumbed and ready to use.

Another look at the bathroom/laundry room.

This one was decorated with a couple of man cave signs!

You can customize these awesome shelters anyway you want. 
What more would you need if the world was burning above your head. 
Here you see a rechargeable battery bank that is stored under the floor and powered by generators or solar. 
Pretty spacious bedroom for 6 beds.
This is an optional air filter that will purify any airborne dangers from whatever is going on above you. 
This kitchen is bigger than the one in my house. 
These shelters are all over the news and quickly becoming something people want. 
You can see a cut out for storage underneath the floor.
The installation looks like quite the project. 
This is all that is seen after burial in this model. A camera that leads to a security room down in the shelter 20 feet below the surface. 
These things seem to have everything!
They hold more people than I thought they would… that for sure.
Here a finished model gets ready to ship out. 

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  1. Do these shelters come with those two hot chicks in boots? I have a leg fetish and could easily spend a nuclear holocaust underground with them wearing nothing but those boots and a smile as they sit on my face. Slurp!