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Ridiculously Photogenic Dog is an Abandoned Explorer’s Best Friend

Take this photo project for example, by Dutch photographer Alice van Kempen, who went road-tripping around Europe exploring abandoned places with Claire, a 3-year-old bull terrier as her companion.

Together, they crawled under fences, climbed walls, jumped through windows and sometimes just walked through the front door.

“Finding a new location is great fun but getting inside is where the real fun starts,” Alice tells Caters News. “Once we’re inside we check the building from top to bottom and I always start photographing the best spot in the house first.”

April Fools Fruit Basket!

Everything shown is really a cake, pastry or cookie :D
Lime Meringues
Caramel Apple pies
Blueberry Lemon hand pies
Pear tarts
Orange Creme Cakes
Banana Bread Bars
a little allspice and cinnamon mixed with some vodka was used to create the bruising effect :)

Banana Bread coated in Buttercream!

When the lady bug landed on that creme cake in the top right, I'm pretty sure I heard her say  "Mother of God..."

15 Simple Sentences With the Power to Change Your Life

Simplicity is the elixir that distills the truth. Complicated, complex matters can almost always be broken down to a level that allows child and layman alike a crack at decoding them even further. There is nothing noble about hiding behind a smoke-screen of academese or posturing for those not in the know. Such is the mark of an immature person, no matter how intelligent they may appear to some. The wise man, instead, never fails to simplify, and it is this that makes him truly intelligent. Here, then, are 15 simple sentences with the power to change your life.

1. Never compare your weaknesses to other people’s strengths.

2. Own your life, or someone will own it for you.

3.  We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

4. Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.

5. If you accept your limitations, you go beyond them.

6. Comfort is the enemy of achievement.

7. No matter what anyone says to you, you don’t have to eat dinner with them, live with them or go to bed with them.

8. If you risk nothing, you risk everything.

9. Don’t give others the power to control your emotions. Those are only yours and they are only for you to manipulate.

10. Victory introduces you to the world, but defeat introduces the world to you.

11. If you don’t do stupid things while you are young, you will have nothing to smile about when you are old.

12. Don’t waste your time with explanations. People only hear what they want to hear.

13. Don’t rest after your first victory, because if you fail the second time, more lips will be waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.

14. Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.

15. The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.

Nearer to God Are You

God said:
Nearer to Me are you. You are catapulting to Me as We speak. You are moving faster and faster to Me. You are moving so fast that you do not even feel you are moving. You may feel that you are not moving at all, that you, in fact, are staying frozen in time, as if you are from the Ice Age.
You hang from a precipice of time; your engine is running full-blast, and you are the last to know.
"Where oh where is this Enlightenment I hear about," you plead. "The prospect of being enlightened is held out to me like a carrot at a distance, a carrot just beyond my reach. Once and for all, when do I get mine? When is this talked-about Enlightenment actually going to be mine? Let's get to the chase, God. I am glad for everyone to get Enlightenment, just so long as I get mine. Maybe someone has become enlightened, yet it ain't me. What takes it so long?"
Beloveds, Enlightenment isn't something you get. You don't own it. You don't possess it. Enlightened is something you already are. It is your Being. You are IT, yet, to you, the State of Enlightenment feels so far away, that it might as well be out of sight.
What keeps Enlightenment away from your beleaguered awareness is the sheerest silk or even the sheerest mosquito netting you can imagine. Enlightenment isn't missing. It is you who are missing from this Truth of you.
It is just what We have been talking about. You look through the wrong end of the telescope. You focus on the downside as if the downside that you see is the extent of you. Brilliance is the extent of you. Nevertheless, you tend to focus on absence of what you desire rather than its presence.
If you want to know this Enlightenment that I say you are made of, then consider the possibility or actuality that you are My child, that I tell you that you are enlightened, that your DNA and My DNA are One and the Same. You want proof. Accept acceptance. Start from the premise that you already are enlightened. In this way, you look through a different lens.
Be like Sherlock Holmes with his wonderful magnifying glass. He looks for clues. He is sure the clues are there if he could but put them together. He starts out intending to see the clues. He has the AHA experience because of where he is coming from.
He does not go around saying: "I can't find the clues. Ergo, the clues are not there."
Beloveds, there is such a delicate difference between can and can't, just an apostrophe and a t. You are closer to this State of Enlightenment you crave than even a hop, skip, and jump away.
I will tell you again that distance, space, time etc. are not Truth. Distance, space, time, etc. are fake premises, yet you believe in them for all you are worth. They are not your security.
Have more confidence in that which is not yet visible to you. What is not yet visible to you is truer than diamonds. There are truer diamonds on Earth than the shiny silver and gold. There is God, and there are the offspring of God who are ready to recognize Enlightenment within the phantasmagoria of their daily lives.
Of course, I understand that this sounds like flim-flam to you.
Pause a comment and advise yourself to look for Enlightenment around every corner.
Enlightenment is not a fairy tale. Nor is Enlightenment the all-consuming Knight who rides out to you on his valiant steed and makes life as perfect for you as you believe life is supposed to be. It's more like that difficulties now just don't rub you the wrong way as they so often have done. You have a bigger picture of life. What may overwhelm you now just takes its place in a whole panorama of Life in the World.
The Story of Life becomes a Story of Life Come-What-May.
Villainy does not exist, for you will see from a bigger perspective without your present investment in cracks on the walls and in the ceiling.
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25 Great Quotes from 25 Great Voices

1) “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~ Marianne Williamson

2) “Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

3) “Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

4) “There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.” ~ Deepak Chopra

5) “Conventional opinion is the ruin of our souls.” ~ Rumi

6) “I firmly believe that intuitive or symbolic sight is not a gift but a skill – a skill based in self-esteem.” ~ Caroline Myss

7) “Whatever we refuse to recognize about ourselves has a way of rearing its head and making itself known when we least expect it.” ~ Debbie Ford

8 ) “There wouldn’t be such a thing as counterfeit gold if there were no real gold somewhere.” – Sufi Proverb

9) “Don’t Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

10) “The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon it’s own mechanisms.” ~ Andrew Weil

11) “You can’t talk your way out of what you’ve behaved yourself into.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

12) “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

13) “We’ve been opening ourselves to the grief, to the knowing of what’s taking place, the loss of species, the destruction of the natural world, the unimaginable levels of social injustice and economic injustice that deprive so many human beings of basic opportunities. And as we open to the pain of that, there’s a possibility of embracing that pain and that grief in a way that it becomes a strength, a power to respond. There is the possibility that the energy that has been bound in the repression of it can now flow through us and energize us, make us clearer, more alive, more passionate, committed, courageous, determined people.” ~ John Robbins

14) “Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of the truth.” ~ Gandhi

15) “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” ~ Carl Jung

16) “I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” ~ Dalai Lama

17) “People in the West are always getting ready to live.” – Chinese Proverb

18) “You are not a helpless victim of your own thoughts, but rather a master of your own mind.” ~ Louise Hay

19) “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

20) “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

21) “Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” ~ Joseph Campbell

22) “Many people feel that they don’t require anybody else’s help or support to be happy. Since their happiness is not dependent on others, they do not harbour any thoughts about other people’s happiness.”~ Amma

23) “If you have a headache every Monday morning when it is time for you to go to work, perhaps you’re driving the wrong car, perhaps you’re taking the wrong route, or you may be in the wrong line of work. Obviously, only you can figure out the message.” ~ Christiane Northrup

24) “I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?” ~ John Lennon

25) “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 28, 2016

Acoma Pueblo The Oldest Continuously Inhabited Settlement in The United States

Acoma Pueblo, in Valencia County in West Central New Mexico, is believed to have been established in the 12th century or even earlier, making it the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States. The pueblo or village is located atop a 110-meter tall sandstone bluff, and until recently, could only be reached by a near vertical hand-cut staircase carved into the rock face. Acoma Pueblo’s soaring location has earned it the nickname of “Sky City”, and has impressed everybody who has laid eyes on it —from the first European to the modern visitor.

The first European contact with Acoma was made by the Spanish conquistador and explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado in 1540, who described it as "one of the strongest places ever seen, because the city was built on a high rock”. “The ascent was so difficult that we repented climbing to the top," he wrote.
Almost sixty years later, the pueblo was nearly destroyed when colonial governor Juan de Oñate began raiding Native American pueblos in the area. Anticipating an attack on Acoma, the villagers made the first move killing a number of Onate’s men, including Oñate's nephew. This had dire consequence for the villagers two months later. To avenge the deaths, the Spaniards burned down the village, murdered more than 600 people and imprisoned approximately 500 others. Prisoners were sentenced to either forced slavery or bodily mutilation. At the end of the massacre, Acoma’s population of 2,000 people was reduced to approximately 250. These survivors began the long process of rebuilding their community.

The Spanish, who had firm control over the area by then, began to impose taxes on crops, cotton, and labor on the Acoma and other villages. They also brought Catholic missionaries into the area. Between 1629 and 1640, the villagers were forced to build a church in Acoma. All of the building materials, including some 20,000 tons of earth and stone, and 30-foot beams were hauled up the steep slopes of the mesa.

Abandoned church in Morocco turned into beautiful street art!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz is one of Berlin's most famous landmarks. The church was originally built between 1891 and 1895 by the last German Emperor and King of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II, as a mark of honor for his grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm I. It was one of the most beautiful churches in the then province of Brandenburg, with unusually ornate interiors, stained glass windows and a large mosaic depicting the history of Prussia up until Emperor William himself.

Fifty years later, during the Second World War, allied bombing on Berlin leveled the church to the ground. Only the partially destroyed spire stood, like a “hollow tooth” as the locals called it. The damaged bell tower was supposed to be demolished to make way for a new construction, but Berliners protested in favor of integrating the ruins into the new church. The preserved ruin now remains as a famous and poignant reminder of the horrors of war, as well as a symbol of Berliners’ determination to rebuild their city during the period after the war.

The Nearly Invisible Wires That Enclose Nearly All Major Cities of The World

Unbeknownst to many, there are translucent fishing lines that wrap around hundreds of cities around the world. Strung high above the heads of pedestrians and roofs of houses, on utility poles and lamp posts, these wires are barely visible and hardly affect the lives of millions that live in these cities. But for the orthodox Jews, these imperceptible wires that run for dozens of miles, mark an important religious boundary that allow the devoted to hold on to their faith.

The wires mark the boundary of a ritualistic enclosure called an eruv, within which observant Jews can perform certain duties that they are not allowed to outside of home, during Sabbath. These duties are often mundane, like carrying house keys, tissues, medicines, or using strollers to push babies around, but essential enough to function in life. Following the rules of Sabbath, hence, not only interferes with life but also prevents Jews from fulfilling their religious duties. For instance, families with small children, who use prams and pushchairs, or the physically disabled, who use wheelchairs, are effectively housebound. They can't even go to the synagogue.