Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Secret Room In This House Contained WWII Memorabilia

This is the house that Rudi grew up in. Rudi is 80 years old and wanted to see it at least one more time before he died.

Rudi also believed that his father may have hidden a valuable stash of items inside the house. He wanted to be the one to find it.

While they were searching the attic, Rudi noticed a loose board along the wall with a string attached to it. This small piece of evidence had gone unnoticed for years, even after the numerous renovations the house has gone under.

This compartment was located behind the door. It was full of wrapped packages and boxes. Even though it was a small space, it took hours to retrieve all the items out of the attic.

After they had pulled all the items out of the attic, they started the tedious process of unpacking all of them.

A group of representatives from a museum in the city of Usti nad Labem came and helped put dates to the items and catalogue them.

Rudi was absolutely ecstatic about finding so many items from his childhood. Can you imagine being reunited with things you hadn’t seen in well over 50 years?

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