Tuesday, March 1, 2016

An Animal Rescues Himself After Being Locked In A Shed

This is sweet Devlin. As you can see he is extremely underweight and malnourished. He wasn’t cared for the way that he should have been.
What makes this story even more horrific is that his “owners” decided to put him in a shed, with a padlock and no food or water, hoping he would just die. Devlin wasn’t going to give up though; he is a fighter.

This is the inside of the “shelter” where he stayed for weeks.

It was later learned that the owners of this property had moved out weeks ago.

There was no food or water in sight.

And as you can see, the shed was padlocked shut. The owners hoped he would just die in there.

Devlin found an opening through the roof of the shed and was able to escape. He ran to a neighbor’s house, who then took him to an animal shelter.

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