Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nearer to God Are You

God said:
Nearer to Me are you. You are catapulting to Me as We speak. You are moving faster and faster to Me. You are moving so fast that you do not even feel you are moving. You may feel that you are not moving at all, that you, in fact, are staying frozen in time, as if you are from the Ice Age.
You hang from a precipice of time; your engine is running full-blast, and you are the last to know.
"Where oh where is this Enlightenment I hear about," you plead. "The prospect of being enlightened is held out to me like a carrot at a distance, a carrot just beyond my reach. Once and for all, when do I get mine? When is this talked-about Enlightenment actually going to be mine? Let's get to the chase, God. I am glad for everyone to get Enlightenment, just so long as I get mine. Maybe someone has become enlightened, yet it ain't me. What takes it so long?"
Beloveds, Enlightenment isn't something you get. You don't own it. You don't possess it. Enlightened is something you already are. It is your Being. You are IT, yet, to you, the State of Enlightenment feels so far away, that it might as well be out of sight.
What keeps Enlightenment away from your beleaguered awareness is the sheerest silk or even the sheerest mosquito netting you can imagine. Enlightenment isn't missing. It is you who are missing from this Truth of you.
It is just what We have been talking about. You look through the wrong end of the telescope. You focus on the downside as if the downside that you see is the extent of you. Brilliance is the extent of you. Nevertheless, you tend to focus on absence of what you desire rather than its presence.
If you want to know this Enlightenment that I say you are made of, then consider the possibility or actuality that you are My child, that I tell you that you are enlightened, that your DNA and My DNA are One and the Same. You want proof. Accept acceptance. Start from the premise that you already are enlightened. In this way, you look through a different lens.
Be like Sherlock Holmes with his wonderful magnifying glass. He looks for clues. He is sure the clues are there if he could but put them together. He starts out intending to see the clues. He has the AHA experience because of where he is coming from.
He does not go around saying: "I can't find the clues. Ergo, the clues are not there."
Beloveds, there is such a delicate difference between can and can't, just an apostrophe and a t. You are closer to this State of Enlightenment you crave than even a hop, skip, and jump away.
I will tell you again that distance, space, time etc. are not Truth. Distance, space, time, etc. are fake premises, yet you believe in them for all you are worth. They are not your security.
Have more confidence in that which is not yet visible to you. What is not yet visible to you is truer than diamonds. There are truer diamonds on Earth than the shiny silver and gold. There is God, and there are the offspring of God who are ready to recognize Enlightenment within the phantasmagoria of their daily lives.
Of course, I understand that this sounds like flim-flam to you.
Pause a comment and advise yourself to look for Enlightenment around every corner.
Enlightenment is not a fairy tale. Nor is Enlightenment the all-consuming Knight who rides out to you on his valiant steed and makes life as perfect for you as you believe life is supposed to be. It's more like that difficulties now just don't rub you the wrong way as they so often have done. You have a bigger picture of life. What may overwhelm you now just takes its place in a whole panorama of Life in the World.
The Story of Life becomes a Story of Life Come-What-May.
Villainy does not exist, for you will see from a bigger perspective without your present investment in cracks on the walls and in the ceiling.
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