Thursday, May 12, 2016

There Is Sloth Institute In Costa Rica That Takes Care Of Orphaned Sloths (16 pics)

 The institute takes care of little baby sloths that lost their mothers and helps them to return to the wild afterwards. There are several goals that the institute pursue. Firstly, to research wild and captive sloths; secondly, to collaborate with other institutions that work with sloths all over the globe and thirdly, to spread balanced and responsible information about sloths.

Human encroachment is a huge threat to sloth populations
That’s why Sam Trull started The Sloth Institute Costa Rica

This is Kermie, the sloth that Trull rescued and which inspired her to start the Institute

A special “soft” release technique is used at the Institute

It allows sloths to take their time getting acclimated to the jungle before they go off on their own

“I co-founded The Sloth Institute because I wanted to spend all of my energy and time getting my hand-raised babies back into the jungle”

“Sloths need trees to survive and not just any trees, but the right trees and enough trees”

“They need a connected and healthy forest”

“Those industries steal sloths from the wild for tourists to touch and the sloths die from stress”

“For a sloth living near humans just trimming a tree can lead to death, let alone actually cutting an entire tree down”

“In addition, humans come with electric wires, cars, dogs…”

“…all things that affect every wildlife species, but especially sloths that do not have the ability to jump away from danger or run quickly across the road”

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