Wednesday, August 17, 2016

World War II Love Letters

The other day from across the pond, a New Yorker got in touch with me to ask whether I might be interested in a scrapbook he found at a Brooklyn flea market, made by a young lady leaving New York in 1939 for California to become a theatre director. Of course I was interested, and of course we’ll be sharing with you the evocative contents of said scrapbook in good time, but the thrift hunter also happened to mention at the end of our exchange, that he has a sideline in painting on original old love letters from World War II. Boy, was I glad I’d opened his email.

Luke J Spencer, a.k.a the “Gentleman Explorer“, travel writer, explorer, editor of Pawn Stars on the History Channel & discoverer of abandoned and unusual places, has been collecting old love letters for a while, and thought it might be nice to start painting on them.

“I have boxes and boxes of them all over my apartment. I found it amazing that people would ever want to get rid of them, but they can be found, either in second hand shops, eBay, flea markets, or places that sell stamps– they’re often still on the old envelopes. I always try and look up the people who wrote and received them.”

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