Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The $20 Backpack for the homeless campaign

Based on a popular viral video, detailing how to put together a backpack chock full of supplies for the homeless for only 20 bucks, I raised $440 to make as many as possible.

With donations in hand, we printed the list provided on the video, and my friend Kris took me to use her Sam's Club card. We only deviated from the list suggesting razors for safety concerns and changed it to individual packets of OTC pain meds.

Walmart was next to get a few things we couldn't find or need in bulk at Sam's. the list provided is actually really accurate on pricing when you break it all down!

I made a phone call in advance to thrift stores in the area telling them what our goal was and got some big discounts on backpacks! just a quick run through the washing machine is recommended though. Most thrift stores will merely "sanitize" product like this before putting on the shelf for purchase.

Warm beanies donated by an amazing blogger in Germany by the name of @darrcian helped us stretch the money!

Time to sort and organize before packing these up!

My kiddos and friends of my kiddos were more than happy to help. I organized a packing get together and provided sandwiches. Free food is a great motivator. :)

hand towels, clean socks, gloves and toilet paper fit nicely in quart freezer bags to make for more room. Also, a great way to keep 'em dry if any water bottles or juice boxes burst.

Thanks to help from friends, and generous donations of $440, we put together 22 backpacks fully stocked, with close to $60 left!

On Saturday morning, we headed out into areas of downtown Dallas known for it's homeless population.

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