Sunday, December 11, 2016

10 places to visit before dying

Sichuan : Leshan Giant Buddha
The Leshan Giant Buddha is a monumental statue of Buddha carved into the cliff of Mount Lingyun, Sichuan.
Germany : The Bastei Bridge
The Bastei bridge is located in the mountains of Saxon Switzerland Elbe in Germany.
Tanzania : Lake Natron
Lake Natron is an alkali endorheic salt lake of tectonic origin present in northern Tanzania.
Portugal : Agueda's colorful Umbrellas
In the town of Agueda, Portugal, umbrellas of different colors are in suspension in the shopping streets.
Burma : The village of Bagan
Bagan is a vast Buddhist archaeological site of nearly 50 square kilometers located in the Mandalay Region, in the central plain of Burma.
Samoa : To Sua Ocean Trench
"To Sua Ocean" is a small paradise located in the village of Lotofaga in Samoa. The place is available to the public as a swimming area.
Italy : Craco ghost medieval village
Cracow is an Italian abandoned town making it a tourist destination and a famous film shooting place.
Brazil : Natural white sand pool of Fervedouro
Near the Mateiros village is a natural pool, Fervedouro. It measures 8 meters in diameter, the water is crystal blue and the ground is white sand.
Russia : A psychedelic salt mine
At the heart of the abandoned salt mine Yekaterinburg, Russia. This is a disused Carnallite mine for several years.
USA : Bishop's Castle
In the San Isabel National Forest in Colorado is a medieval castle built for 40 years by Jim Bishop. He began construction at the age of 15 years.

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