Friday, April 14, 2017

Christians around the world mark Good Friday

In Rome, Pope Francis marked the occasion as he prayed on the floor of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.
By the Colosseum, police officers patrolled with dogs to keep the Italian capital safe as thousands of pilgrims flocked to Rome to mark Easter.
Christians in the Philippines whip themselves bloody with metal chains and are nailed to crosses to experience the suffering of Jesus as an act of holy penitence.
In Jerusalem, people also carry wooden crosses through the streets to honour Christ's sacrifice and remember the miracle of resurrection that followed.

Pope Francis marked Good Friday by lying on the floor in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City, Rome, in prayer. He is set to give a speech later in the day. Thousands of pilgrims flooded to the Italian capital to mark the holy weekend

Pictured, hundreds of onlookers watch Pope Francis praying on the floor of the church. He will later go to the Colosseum for the traditional Way of the Cross procession

The pope bows his head in front of a depiction of Christ on the cross. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus, leading to his resurrection on Easter Sunday

The Way of the Cross ceremony is set to happen at around 9pm this evening at the Colosseum, one of Rome's landmarks. Teh ceremony usually goes through the fourteen stages of Christ's passion

Pictured, Pope Francis is helped to wear his skullcap as he celebrates the Good Friday. At the evening ceremony, the Pope then reads out a meditation for the crowds

Carabinieri patrol walked through central Rome ahead of the Way of the Cross torchlight procession. An Egyptian family will carry the cross at an Easter procession attended by Pope Francis Friday

Tens of thousands of faithful are expected to hold candles aloft in prayer at Rome's Colosseum later today. Pictured, a police officer checks the bag of a nun in the area around the Colosseum

Police officers patrolled round the historic Colosseum with dogs to make sure the thousands of pilgrims will be safe tonight

The policemen made their way around the centre of the Italian capital ahead of the annual torchlight procession


An act of penitence: A man in the Philippines screams as his feet and hands are nailed to a wooden cross as part of Easter celebrations to honour the suffering of Christ

Suffering: These celebrations are one of the most extreme and striking examples of how people from around the world mark Easter, and is considered an honour
Not everyone is taking the occasion so seriously, however, as a Western tourist was captured enjoying himself on one of the crosses before volunteers were nailed to them

Smile for the camera: Selfie sticks were out in force as people captured themselves standing next to crosses which would later be used to emulate the crucifixion of Jesus

Spectacle: While the participants suffer in the grim-faced ritual, the same cannot be said of the dozens of people who gather around to take photographs of them

Photo op: Similar events are held around the Philippines, drawing crowds in the hundreds, all of whom want to capture the perfect picture for their photo albums

Precy Valencia is nailed to a cross in the Philippine capital of Manila as a sign of her faith and to seek forgiveness for her sins

Not faking: Nails are driven through a man's feet in the Philippines as part of that country's traditional celebration of Easter

For our sins: The practice of self-injury is linked to the Lent, a period of fasting for millions of Catholics around the world
In defiance: Local Catholic leaders have spoken out to condemn the practice in the past, while health officials also disapprove, but the devout worshippers have refused to give it up

Syrian girls are photographed attending a mass at the Syriac church of the Holy Virgin in the northeastern city of Qamishli

The girls sit in mass wearing white dresses and white gauze headscarves as priests swing incense and conduct the service

A girl sits on the side of a pew, swinging her legs, as priests conduct the Good Friday service in Qamishli, Syria

Around 11 per cent of the Syrian population practice Christianity and the group is believed to be one of the oldest in the world

Worshippers in Jerusalem's old city carry a wooden cross through the streets as they celebrate Good Friday in one of the holiest cities on Earth

Thousands of Orthodox Christians gather in Jerusalem's old city for Good Friday processions that trace the route Jesus is believed to have walked on the day of his crucifixion

The route of the procession follows Via Dolorosa, or 'Way of Suffering', which inspired the 14 Stations of the Cross, and ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Jesus is thought to be buried

Christian faithful travel from around the world to attend the Good Friday procession in Jerusalem, which also draws a large security presence from Israeli authorities (left)

Pilgrims from Ethiopia pray against a cross in Jerusalem's old city as part of Good Friday services to mark Jesus's crucifixion

The procession is known as The Way of the Cross, which many complete while carrying crosses and offering up prayers

Thousands of people gather at the Monastery of the Flagellation before walking down Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed to be the site where Jesus was crucified before rising again

As Christians took to the streets to mark Good Friday, elsewhere in the city, the Jewish population was marking Passover

In India, reenactment of the crucifixion are also performed by volunteers, such as this man in the southern city of Hyderabad

While not as gory or extreme as reenactments in the Philippines, the man is still whipped while dragging a heavy cross

Christians gather to remember Jesus's crucifixion on Good Friday in Guwahati, India, as Good Friday celebrations happen around the world

Prayers are offered by an Indian mother and her daughter in Hyderabad, India, as they way a reenactment of the crucifixion

In Kolkata, Christian worshippers offer prayed in front of statues recalling Jesus's suffering and crucifixion

Catholic nuns from the Missionaries of Charity parade through the streets of Hyderabad. Christians are one of the smallest minority groups in India, making up around 2 per cent of the population

A white piece of cloth is tied to a cross in Bangalore to symbolise the body of Christ as people mark Good Friday

Christians in Bangalore gather for a drink of buttermilk after offering up prayers on Good Friday as the world celebrates Easter

Dozens of Christians had gathered in front of a large painting of Christ to offer prayers as they remember Christ's sacrifice


Actor James Burke-Dunsmore took on the role of Jesus as the crucifixion was reenacted in Trafalgar Square, in London

Around 20,000 gather at one of the city's most iconic landmarks each year to watch the reenactment take place
Two performances take place of Wintershall's 'The Passion of Jesus', which tells the story of Christ's journey to Jerusalem, his betrayal and his crucifixion


In Castro-Urdiales, Spain, actors perform the Passion of Christ. Living Passion is a representation of the Passion of Christ from the last supper to his crucifixion, death and resurrection

A man played Jesus as he was led to be crucified on Good Friday. In the bible, Jesus is resurrected two days later, which is celebrated on Easter Sunday

 Penitents of the Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno and Maria Santisima de los Dolores brotherhood take part in a procession in Aragon, Spain, wearing traditional religious dress

Nazarenes, also known as 'penitent ones', take part in a procession in Murcia. Around 4,000 people will participate in the procession which lasts for eight hours, with many walking it barefoot

Drummers mingle with tourists and worshippers in Aragon, central Spain, as the deeply Catholic nation marks Good Friday

In Bensheim, actor Julian Lux has a crown of thorns placed on his head as he plays Jesus in a crucifixion reenactment

Around 100 actors take part in the annual performance in Bensheim, with thousands of people gathering to watch

Despite being performed in Germany, the production is staged by local Italian families who started the tradition 35 years ago

Orthodox Christians, who belong to a sect known as Tewahedo, gather inside the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa

Those who cannot get inside the cathedral offer prayers on the steps outside as they remember the sacrifice of Christ

In Karachi hundreds of faithful pack into a church to hear prayers. While Pakistan is an overwhelmingly Muslim country, Christians still make up around 2 per cent of the population

Good Friday services in Pakistan are held without music, candles or ringing bells as a solemn mark of respect

In Qraiyeh, in southern Lebanon, actors take part in a performance depicting Christ's crucifixion for Good Friday

Lebanon is home to a large number of Christians - they make up 40 per cent of the country's population, second only to Muslims, who make up 54 per cent

Greek Orthodox priests carry a cross at the Pendeli Monastery, near Athens, which was founded in 1578

A worshipper pays her respects to the erected cross as part of Goof Friday services taking place around the world

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