Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gorgeous Asian Models That Are Mistaken for the Opposite Sex (30 pics)

18 year old Yiming Zhao is a female model and make-up artist and has many men drooling over her sexy looks but in fact, Yiming is not a girl at all and is really a very effeminate boy. 

28 Hilarious Terrified Reaction Gifs

Here Comes the TRex!

Clowns: Always Scary 

The Epic Elevator Casket Prank 

Prank Backfires Completely 

Kids Have Terrified Reactions To A Chansaw Wake Up 

Gorilla Says BOO! 

Fake Electrocution 

The Classic Hide-And-Scare Prank 

Ridiculous Reaction To A Flash Animation Prank 

The Terrifying Ghost In The Elevator Prank 

Snowman Prank Backfires 

Terrified Reactions GIFs: BOO! 

Kid Freaks Out After Computer Scare Prank 

Baby Does Not Like Squishy Toy 

The Demon On The Screen 

Kid Has A Very Dramatic Terrified Reaction 

Suddenly...Wolf Man 

The Mirror 


Corpse In The Tanning Booth Prank 

Statue Hilariously Scares Kid 

Squirrel Is Terrified Of Water Balloon 

Yankees Get Frightened By Lightning 


The Stranger In Your Bed Routine 

Another Statue Prank 

Don't Turn Arround