Friday, June 2, 2017

The women in Iran we never see(7 Pics)

Women at home
The female members of a family at their home in Yazd, Iran, where even the youngest girl and her doll wear a chador. (Photo by Hossein Fatemi)

Daily prayers

A woman prays while her friend is smoking and watching television. (Photo by Hossein Fatemi)

Smoking a shisha

Women smoking from a water pipe in Tehran, an act that has been banned for women in public. (Photo by Hossein Fatemi)

Bridal shopping

A man adjusts a woman's tiara in a bridal clothing shop. As it is forbidden for an unrelated man and a woman to be together under such circumstances, the dress is fitted in a part of the shop that is out of view of the street or the public. (Photo by Hossein Fatemi)

A game of pool

Women play pool, which is forbidden in this male venue. (Photo by Hossein Fatemi)

A women-only gym

Two Iranian women lift weights in a gym in city of Shiraz. In Iran, women's gyms are completely separated from men's gyms and the men cannot enter the female spaces. (Photo by Hossein Fatemi)

Mothers of martyrs

The mother of Martyrs, those who died in the Iran-Iraq war, praying at the graves of their sons and surrounded by their portraits. (Photo by Hossein Fatemi)

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