Sunday, July 30, 2017

Christopher Melendez Is A Wrestler With A Prosthetic Leg (6 pics)

27-year-old Christopher Melendez lost his leg eight years ago due to a bomb that exploded when he was in Iraq. In 2012 he start training to become a wrestler and today he's a professional wrestler working for TNA Impact Wrestling.  

Photographic Adventures Of My Daughter While She Is Sleeping (25 Pics)

These are a collection of ongoing images I have taken of my daughter using daily items around my house as props. I started when she was 3 days old, she just turned one month.
I have always had a passion for photography and when I was pregnant with my daughter Ara, I was more inspired than I have ever been. I started taking pics of her when she was 3 days old using objects found around the house or paper cut into shapes. I am heavily influenced by pop culture, music and personal hobbies.
I hope to someday print these images into a bedtime storybook and read it to her when she’s a little older.
More info: Instagram

Friday, July 28, 2017

These Facts Will Make You Happy (20 pics)

Facts are usually there to educate you but these ones will also make you happy.