Friday, July 7, 2017

Bizarre Travel Tips from the Chinese Government (25 pics)

The “Guidelines for Civilized Travel Abroad” was released by the Chinese Tourism board as a way of educating the local population as to specific travel etiquette. Here are some of the strangest tips that appeared in the manual.

Don't pick your nose in public 
Don't steal life vests off of airplanes to give as gifts

When using the bathroom, remember to flush
And don't leave footprints on the toilet
Or linger in the stalls
Avoid sneezing on people
Don't fight with others when you want to take pictures
Don't force people to take pictures with you
When in Spain ladies should where earrings, anything less is akin to being naked
When diving in the ocean, don't catch and take away any marine life
Don't dry your handkerchief or underwear on lampshades
Don't eat too much at buffets
Don't draw graffiti on national landmarks
Don't eat a whole piece of bread in one mouthful
Don't laugh, whistle, or jeer at performers when they mess up on stage
Don't slurp noodles noisily on an aircraft
Refrain from limp handshakes
Soiling a swimming pool is frowned upon
Keep nasal hair trimmed at all times
If you have to pick your teeth, do not use your fingers
Don't talk about people behind their backs in Chinese, they might understand you
Do not smash mirrors in Hungary
Do not click your fingers in Germany (it's reserved for dogs)
Don't cut people in line
Clap after watching shows

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