Sunday, July 9, 2017

You Will Definitely Learn Something From These Graphs (22 pics)

No matter what type of answers you're looking for you're bound to find them in here.

Average SAT scores by family income 

# of FB posts exchanged between two people who are about to become a couple 
How various sports fans vote
Countries with high-speed broadband comparison between download speed & monthly price
The Occupational Background of the U.S. Congress
How much of a house (in square feet) can be bought with $1 million in major US cities
U.S. income taxes over time
The polarization of the Senate, 1989-2013
U.S. Imprisonment Rate Per 100,000 Residents, 1978-2012
Most common words and phrases that distinguish females and males in Facebook status updates
Life expectancy vs health care spending per capita
2014 World Press Freedom Index
Popularity of the name "Adolf" in the U.S.
Show vs Finale rating
How are Muslims & Jews viewed around the world? 
Average age at first sexual encounter around the world
Median age at first marriage by sex: 1890-2010

U.S. Drug Control Spending Versus U.S. Drug Addiction Rate: 1970-2010
NASA’s yearly budget as % of federal budget
The rise and fall of music delivery formats
World internet usage by time of day
Bronco fans give up and give in to porn mid-game

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