Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Citizens Of Laos Use Unexploded Bombs For Unexpected Purposes (12 pics)

The Vietnam War ended 40 years ago but Laos is still feeling the effects. After the war ended and all the soldiers moved on, many bombs were left behind. The people of Laos decided to put the weapons of destruction to good use and turn them into things that could help the community.

Children pose near unexploded bombs recovered from around the village

Boats made from bomb casings seen in a village in Laos
A house in village uses a bomb casing as a garden decoration
Bomb casing used as a flower pot 
Bomb casings used to prop up a house

Bomb casings as water container

Metal recovered from bomb casing shaped into cow bells
Bomb casings used to prop up houses

A bomb casing turned into a boat

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