Thursday, September 21, 2017

He Goes On A Motorcycle Adventure After Losing His Wife (70 Pics)

With some heavily loaded motorcycles the two friends departed San Francisco on what would prove to be an epic journey north. 

 The spent their last night in Northern California camping on the beach with their friends. 
They shortly arrived in Oregon after they left California. 
They took the roads less traveled and came across Crater Lake, Oregon. He described it as "mind-blowing".
It's easy to see why. 
They also saw the lesser known parts of Oregon. You don't see lush green areas and snowy peaks when you climb to the top of Smith Rock. 
They then ventured on to see Portland, Oregon. 
After spending all their money on gear and fuel, they resorted to their friends for a place to sleep. A good friend gave them a place to stay while in Portland. Other than that they relied on friends and free land to camp in. 
They didn't spend too much time in the cities they traveled through because they were far more interested in being immersed by nature. 
Once in Washington they had to take a ferry across the water. Being motorcycle riders, they were the lucky enough to be the first people on and the first to depart the boats. They also had a chance to meet with other riders and share stories. 
Olympic National Park in Washington State. 
They met a lot of the local wildlife here.
It looks breathtaking there. 
They wanted to see the diversity in the landscapes, so they took time to venture on many hikes. From this point they could see Canada. Next stop, Vancouver! 
On their way north they rode along side with many other motorcycle riders. A few of which seemed to be stuntmen who would ride wheelies for miles on end. 

They left in the morning after the rave and headed north into the wilderness.

They followed old dirt roads into fields and old untraveled places to set up camps at night. They would light a fire and sit in their tents while enjoying some awe-inspiring views around them.


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