Friday, September 1, 2017

Hotels of North Korea

Hotel Yanggakdo in Pyongyang, Korea 

Probably the most popular hotel in Pyongyang

 Lobby of Hotel Yanggakdo 

Ballroom of Hotel Yanggakdo
Ballroom of Hotel Yanggakdo
Stairwell in Hotel Yanggakdo
Downstairs Billiard Room in Hotel Yanggakdo
Bowling Alley in Hotel Yanggakdo
Karaoke Lounge in Hotel Yanggakdo
Rotating Restaurant atop Hotel Yanggakdo
View from the restaurant
Mount Kumgangsan Hotel, near east coast of Korea
Chandelier in the lobby of Mount Kumgangsan Hotel
Bedroom in Mount Kumgangsan Hotel
Bathroom in Mount Kumgangsan Hotel
Hotel of Wonsan, Korea
Bar in Wonsan Hotel
Sitting area in Wonsan Hotel
Restaurant with karaoke machine in Wonsan Hotel

Bedroom in Wonsan Hotel
Bathroom in Wonsan Hotel
Hotel in Anju, Korea
Lobby of the Anju Hotel
Sitting area in Wanju Hotel
Hotel in Kosong, Korea
This hotel has been used as a place for reuniting families with those in the south

Lobby of the Kosong Hotel

Bedroom in the Kosong Hotel
Bathroom in the Kosong Hotel
Tongmyong Hotel in Wonsan, Korea
Dining hall in the Tongmyong Hotel
Bedroom in the Tongmyong Hotel
Bathroom in the Tongmyong Hotel
Hotel Koryo in Pyongyang, Korea
Lobby of Hotel Koryo
Lobby of Hotel Koryo
Lobby of Hotel Koryo
Restaurant in Hotel Koryo
Dining hall in Hotel Koryo
Downstairs area of Hotel Koryo
Bedroom in Hotel Koryo
Bathroom in Hotel Koryo


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  5. Anonymous12 May, 2018

    Hi thanks for sharing these pictures, i really appreciate NK architecture.

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