Monday, September 25, 2017

Stunning array of photos of China from more than 100 years ago (22 Pics)

The Tibetan princess 
A woman from Hong Kong

Wrestlers. Northern China

Kids playing

Sword swallower

Porters with bales of tea, Sichuan Province, 1908

Gate in Beijing

Prisoner Boxers, 1901

Old Taoist

"And thou shalt be like a real Manchurian"

Road spirits tombs of the Ming Dynasty stone figures of animals and people

The figure of the general. Ming Tombs

Great Wall of China, shot in 1907

Manchu ladies.

Han girls - note the bound feet

Musicians from Hong Kong, 1901

The streets of Canton

Wang Chung - last empress of China

Chinese torture


  1. Wanrong's full birth name was Gobulo Wanrong (郭布羅·婉容); she is referred to as simply Wanrong because Manchus were usually referred to by their given names only. Her courtesy name was Muhong (慕鴻) and her art name was Zhilian. She also adopted a Western name, Elizabeth, which was inspired by Elizabeth I of England.

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