Wednesday, September 20, 2017


8153 Bryden Street: 2009-2013
2009: Looks like a nice home. 
2011: Everything is overgrown, and some type of an explosion or fire has destroyed the home. 
2013: Nothing but weeds and the charred remains of what was once someone's home. 

19532 Hoyt Avenue: 2008-2013

2008: A suitable home.
2009: Things deteriorated quickly.
2011:  More destruction and trash.

2013: Now, not even the house remains. 
19553 & 19555 Hickory Street: 2008-2013
2008: Windows are boarded up and things look pretty bad.
2011: There is hope for this neighborhood. Someone is taking care of the property on the left, but what about the one on the right?
2013: Looks like that was a false hope. 
19559 Hickory Street: 2008-2013
2008: Nothing too bad in this picture. The yards and houses could use a little work. 
2009: But all in all, it looks like a pretty good street to live on. 
2011: Wait, what happened?
2013: Now it's just another street with boarded up and abandoned homes. 
Boulder Street: 2008-2013
2009: They've made a few improvements.
2011: I would assume the fence was dismantled for a heat source, but that eventually caught fire to the garage. 
2013: Grossly overgrown with decaying garbage in the driveway, this property appears to have been reclaimed by nature. 
14866 Eastwood Avenue: 2008-2013
2008: The shrubs could use some maintenance. 
2009: Things are getting worse in a hurry.
2011: Another building is completely gone, and the neighbor's house appears to be ready to follow. 
2013: All that's left are memories of what once was. 
3385 Arndt Street: 2009-2013
2009: We have some people relaxing on the porch. 
2011: Looks like anything of value has been moved inside. 
2013: Tragedy has struck another home. 
Corner of Thaddeus Street & Leigh Street: 2007-2013
2007: This house is in need of some repair. 
2009: It appears to be turning into an appliance graveyard
2011: Things got bad. 
2013: They got really, really bad. 
14686-14688 Hazelridge Street: 2008-2013
2008: This neighborhood could use a little love. 
2009: But it has clearly been abandoned. 
2011: An entire house seems to have disappeared. 
13832 Pfent Street: 2008-2013
2008: Houses are boarded up when they are vacated for extended periods of time. 
2009: The thought process is to discourage squatters from taking over the property. 
2011: It appears that the boards didn't prevent them from taking over the property. 

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