Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Urban Treehouse (21 Pics)

When you see 25 Verde in Turin, Italy, you may notice that it looks more like a potted forest with branches made of steel than an apartment building. 

It was designed by Luciano Pia, who wanted to bring more plants into the urban daily lives of the residents of 25 Verde.

The building is surrounded by living plants, including 150 living trees that actually absorb close to 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide an HOUR!!!

This building houses 63 different units. They each have access to their own terrace on one side, which then wraps around into the vegetation.

This helps protect the residents from pollution, by eliminating gasses caused by cars and factories. It also helps minimize the noise pollution that affects these residents as well.

Because the trees are living, they also go through the typical progression of the seasons. Because of this, the natural design has created a microclimate inside of the building, and helps keep the temperatures inside steady during both hot and cold weather. How it does this is that the leaves block out the summer heat, and when the leaves fall off in the fall and winter, they allow the warm sunlight into the apartments themselves.

The top floor has roofs that are covered with lush greenery. They even designed where the plants should go to create the most effective way to keep the pollution out.

They placed planters on the terraces, garden courtyard, and the vertical facade, which contain trees and shrubs of different sizes. They can range from 8 feet tall all the way up to 26 feet tall, depending on the plant.

They picked specific plants that will help allow sunlight come in through the windows in the winter, but block out the light in the summer, keeping it cool.

They also planned the trees and shrubs so they have a variety of bearing, foliage, blooming, and color.

With the steel beams called alberiformi, they appear to have been planted into the ground and grow upwards to the roof.

They help stabilize the wooden decks, but also help intertwine the foliage throughout the building.

Another focus was to make this building energy efficient. They did this by creating ventilated walls, giving residents protection from direct sunlight, using ground water for the heating and cooling systems, using water that they collected from the rain, along with the storage and reuse to use for irrigation to feed the foliage.

While looking out, it almost feels like you are a in a dream state but you quickly realize your not when you look around and see that your surroundings are very real and living.

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