Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hundred year-old bathtubs of warm healing mineral waters (23 Pics)

When settlers arrived, passing through along the “Old Spanish Trail”, the hot springs became popular as a resting place, but always represented “a place of peace and neutrality, where even warring tribes would lie down their arms to enjoy nature’s gift”.

In the 1880s, Thomas Cooper and his wife, a couple of Mormon pioneers arrived at the east foothills of Monroe, 150 miles out from what is Salt Lake City today. They settled near the large mineral deposit with streams of hot water flowing from it and eventually built the first swimming pool at the site, calling it Monroe Hot Springs.

People from nearby towns enjoyed the Cooper’s hospitality until the resort was sold to Charles Wilkes in 1916, who built a dance hall where orchestras would stop and play their music. People came from miles around in their horse-drawn buggies to dance and soak the night away.

A century later and Monroe Hot Springs is now Mystic Hot Springs, run by a guy who likes to go by “Mystic Mike”. Artist and showman Mike Ginsburg was traveling in his bus back from Vegas in the mid 1990s when he himself stumbled upon the hot springs as the Coopers and Mr. Wilkes had done before him. Immediately drawn to it, he was amazed to find that he was able to purchase the old resort.

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