Thursday, October 26, 2017

It’s The Best Place On Earth To Work At And Plus You Get $14,000 Of Travel Allowance (19 pics)

According to Glassdoor’s 2016 rankings, online travel company Expedia is the happiest place in London to work at.
Expedia employees get unbelievably generous benefits like travel allowance between $8,515 and $14,192. And they have Formula One simulators, a huge roof terrace that hosts regular BBQs and other staff parties, various free bars, and more "chill out zones" in the at the company's two huge offices in London.

From the outside, Expedia's office building looks a little dreary, like many others in London.

However, as you get inside, things start to appear brighter.

The wall behind the reception is covered in pictures from employees' holidays. Everyone is able to travel a lot thanks to the generous travel allowances, which range from between $8,000 and $14,000, depending on your grade.

Inside, just like many other tech firms, you can play ping-pong and table foosball.

More rare is the opportunity to play on the Formula One simulators, which are hooked up to gaming platform Steam.

There are also more conventional games consoles like Xbox and Playstation. These two were casually playing FIFA in the middle of work hours.

"What we try and encourage here at Expedia is to make it feel like we’re big kids in a big kids sandbox," director of tech Liz Estaugh said.

Staff even created a GPS tracked trolley to carry cake and booze around the office. "We can't be bothered to walk to the 'Mobile Much Trolley.' So we’re trying to do a little mini-hackathon internally, to see if we can figure out a way to add sensors to the trolley, so it can navigate around corners, it can sense walls and we can control it from our iPhones," Estaugh explained.

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