Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ordinary Products That Have Some Very Surprising Uses (20 pics)

Binder clips make better chip clips than actual chip clips do.
Chopsticks are c cooking utensils, making it easy to flip over smaller pieces of food in pans.

Rubbing alcohol works way better than goo-gone to get stickers off of your items.

Nail polish remover works fantastically to remove hair dye from surfaces!

Newspapers can be used for streak-free results when cleaning windows with Windex or other cleaner.

Have stinky feet? Dryer sheets work great as shoe deodorizers.

Pipe cleaners are so much more fun in arts and crafts than cleaning pipes.

Gatorade always seems to work better for hangovers than for sports.

Applying bug spray to your car’s headlights is a great way to keep them clear and prevent them from fogging up.

Cheap hair conditioner works wonders as shaving cream.

Vinegar is an excellent alternative to Windex when you need to clean your windows.

Nutcrackers make great crab leg crackers.

Duct tape was made for taping ducts but clearly works better for a variety of other applications such as taping your friends to the wall.

If you have greasy hair and aren’t able to shower, lightly patting in some baby powder can reduce the greasiness.

Hydrogen peroxide is excellent at removing bloodstains from clothing and other fabrics.

Furniture polish works great to make rain bead a little better on motorcycle visors and glasses.

Foam shaving cream cleans white shoes really well when used with a damp rag.

Greek yogurt can be used as a replacement for sour cream, when baking.

Spaghetti sporks work better as excellent back scratchers.

Q-tips say on the box that they are not to be used in your ears, but we all know that they work wonders for that exact purpose.

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