Sunday, November 12, 2017

Afghanistan Of The 50s-60s


  1. I was there in 1975. Backwards, you had to be quite careful about what you ate but otherwise ok.

  2. Hello dear readers!

    I don't see anything bad in this photos, maybe
    because I am a German from the 1960s who heard very bad
    things from WW2. Germany looked this way too, 50 years ago.

    The photographs show progression in technics and science that was promiseed to us beeing the source of living in wealth for all peoples in a stable world after WW2.

    But the world did'nt change. Many Companys are profitting of a steep slope of wealth and fear, of toughness and poverty.

    A lot of workers are proud of earning money by working for this companys. The live a good live. But they dont realyse, that their intcome is built on slavery of other humans in far away countries.

    Fight worldwide injustice and You will get less angry people!

    Profitters of this system will not like my post.
    People who put love higher than justice in their mind
    and who love the Lord Jesus Christ will accept.

    I like to see super cars as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborhgini very much and American sports cars too. They are great! But I dont want
    to own one of these. I feel great to have an old VW or Opel which makes me able just to take part in nowadays traffic.

    People who sell us one T-shirt for 1 Dollar (or 1 Euro) are often getting payed so less, that they are forced to beg our welfare system for money upgrade.

    Freedom is one,
    justice is an other rule.

    Loving God, ourselves and our neighbour the same weight is not in every persons mind. Only who have Jesus in their hearts will understand.

    Otherwise it is a great aim!

    Be kind, share what You got to your neighbours!

    In Christian and Jewish logic this basics are starving prevention.

    A lot of injustice is done by kapitalism, an other lot is done by communism.

    Both systems are false prophecy !

    Conquering both by love is the only exit strategy.
    This takes part inside of the heart of every man or woman or child.

    Be kind, look at Jesus!

    Written by a German christian man

  3. Thank you for sharing valuable information nice post,I enjoyed reading this post.


  4. I wouldn't trade the truth of Political Islam for all the Buddhists and Hindus in Afghanistan!
    Ohhhh riiiiight, there aren't any Buddhists and Hindus in Afghanistan.
    Not anymore..

    P.S. Neither were there any in the 50's (wink wink)

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