Friday, November 17, 2017

Claire, A Foster Dog Then And Now

 Claire is a lovely white Great Dane. She has had a horrible 4 years but her life just changed for the better. She will never know neglect or a hungry stomach again. She has a severe case of Demodex mange, is deaf, has heartworms, yeast infection, was recently bred (she is not pregnant and will be spayed when healthy enough), ear and eye infections and starved nearly to death. Her skin flakes off and bleeds when you pet her but does she hold any grudges? Nope, she is so very sweet and wants to be loved and pet on. She is on a ton of medications and with a much needed meal.

Claire is not the same dog that came to foster home.She's made transformation. She is truly a miracle dog! Claire is up and walking almost as much as a healthy dog. She just wants to be loved and understood. She asks for nothing but some food and attention.

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