Wednesday, December 6, 2017

11 Wonderfully Violent Soviet Work Safety Posters

Translation: "Beware of buffers"
I don't want to see the next frame of this accident.
Translation: "Hide your hair"
Translation: "Do not open the lid of the thresher until the machine comes to a full stop"
Yeah, I think I'll pass on the thresher job.
Translation: "Do not remove belt drive with your foot"
This one seems like common sense.
Translation: "Do not walk under the transmission shaft"
He's about to become a human pretzel.
Translation: "Do not leave anything loose on the scaffold"
Seems to be an overly bloody representation of the accident.
Translation: "I was drunk at work!"
Now, I am drunk at home.
Translation (loose): "Hey, scatterbrain, don’t cripple your friends!"
Translation: "Be careful with pitchforks"
The pitchforkee is pretty calm, under the circumstances.
Translation: "Do not check for electricity with your fingers"
But we all do it.

Translation: "Guard the end of a machine shaft"
Back to "0" days since our last accident.

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