Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Smallest Survival Kit You Will Ever See (7 Pics)

Contemporary industrial design company, Fort Standard, has created its own version of the survival kit aptly named ‘Life is Precious’. The main objective of the kit was to combine the creative envelope with important survival tools inside the capsule should you in the unlikely event find yourself in an emergency situation.

The kit includes a compass, matches, fishing wire and whistle as well as a pen knife and sewing kit, we’re confident that this is the kind of gear that’d save you in the wild, but with such impeccable attention paid to its design there’s no doubt that Fort Standard have created an object of covetable beauty too.


  1. instead of matches why not a lighter

  2. instead of matches why not a lighter

  3. A couple of flares to use for flagging. A couple of candles for warmth or light ought to be incorporated.survival tips

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