Saturday, January 20, 2018

13 Sports Records That Are Unbreakable (13 Pics)

These people will hold a special place in sports history for a long time to come. It would take a miracle for someone to break these incredible records. 


  1. I think I will put Ronnie O'Sullivan fastest 147 in this category.

  2. 1) Wooden didn't win those championships in a 64 team tournament.
    2) Roses record would have been beaten by Ichiro had he started his career in the USA. That is the most likely one to fall of this list.

    1. would've could've should've. Had I (or you) played baseball and had a hit on every ball, we would have done it. Yes, his record would have been broken is on same line had Tiger Wood won all the major the way he started.

      As for Wooden, I know the game or the history. So I will take your word.