Monday, January 15, 2018

Stunning Metro Stations Worldwide (34 Pics)

Metro stations are not normally thought of as “beautiful” but there are a few around the world that are actually amazingly comfortable and truly spectacular underground spaces.

Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy

Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya And Park Pobedy Stations, Moscow, Russia

Rådhuset Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Avtovo Metro Station, St. Petersburg, Russia

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai, China

Arts Et Métiers Station, Paris, France

Tilework In Szent Gellért Square, Budapest, Hungary

Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

University Of Naples Subway Station, Italy

City Hall Station, New York

Kungstradgarden Metro Station, Stokholm, Sweden

T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Olaias Station, Lisbon, Portugal

Stadion Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Slavyansky Bulvar Station, Moscow, Russia

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