Wednesday, February 14, 2018

24 AMAZING Color Photos Of Ethnic Exotic From Around The World In The Early 20th Century

At the dawn of the color photography in the early 1900s, the French banker, and photography mastermind, Albert Khan set out to visually document every culture of the global human family and created a colorful kaleidoscope of the most exotic folklore of the world.

In 1909, Kahn traveled with his chauffeur and photographer, Alfred Dutertre to Japan on business and returned with many photographs of the journey. This prompted him to begin a project collecting a photographic record of the entire Earth.

Albert Kahn got rich from selling illegal war bonds to the Japanese and selling securities from South African diamond mines. So with the fortune he had he financed a team of photographers to spread across the world taking photos.He appointed Jean Brunhes as the project director and sent photographers to every continent to record images of the planet using the first practical medium for color photography, Autochrome plates, and early cinematography.

Over the next two decades, these artists and ethnographers produced over 70,000 photos across 50 countries, from Ireland to India and everywhere in-between.

A guy in a cowboy outfit, California, 1920.
A street in Ohrid, Macedonia, 1913.
Armenian women from a 1912 trip to Istanbul, Turkey.
Breton couple in traditional dress, France, photographer George Chevalier, 1920.
Breton group in traditional costumes, photographer Adrien, between 1907 and 1928.
Dutch photographer Stephane Passet, 1910
Ethiopian veterans in traditional attire, photographer Robert Moore, 1930.
Greek refugees in the Balkans, 1913.
Indian chief, Crow Indian Reservation, Montana, photographer Edwin Wisherd, 1927
Kurdish women in Iran, photographer Frederic Gadmer, 1920.
Leader Naxi people in Tibet, photographer Joseph Rock, about 1927
Macedonian men photographed by Auguste Léon in 1913.
Moroccan children, 1910
Moroccan farmers posing for one of Kahn’s photographers, ca. 1912
Moroccans, shot from the collection of Albert Kahn, 1910
Residents of Dahomey (now Benin), photographer Frederic Gadmer, 1920.
Russian woman in traditional dress, Rimsky-Korsakov, between 1908 and 1917.
Sisters Helene and Denise Lauth in Alsace, France, photographer George Chevalier, 1918.
The inhabitants of Ceylon, 1910.
Two Bishari girls standing in front of their homes in Egypt, 1914
Two men in front of a Hindu temple in Lahore, Pakistan, 1914.
Vendian woman (ie Lusatian Serb) in traditional dress, Germany, Hans Gildenbrand, 1931.
Women from the Macedonian village of Smilevo, 1913.
Women in traditional clothing in Corfu, Greece, 1913

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