Thursday, February 8, 2018

DIY Solar Oven

The first thing you’ll need is an insulation box. Always make sure that the walls of the box are not too high, otherwise they can block the suns rays. This person chose to use styrofoam.

Grab some wood and build a box around your insulator. This will allow for the oven to have some durability and make it weather resistant.

Set a glass plate, or some other type of transparent material over the insulator. Anything that lets sunlight through will do really.

Do not bolt down the piece of material on top of the insulator.

Creating these flaps on top of the oven will allow the cooking time to be adjusted. The more open the flaps, the more sunlight that is allowed in which means the inside will heat up faster.

Grab some reflective material and line the inside of the oven with it. This will allow the solar energy inside to be used more efficiently.

Lining the bottoms of the flaps will amplify this effect even more when you close them.

Using black cooking ware will allow for even more heat to be absorbed and transferred into the food.

Experiment with different cooking techniques to perfect the use of the solar oven!

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