Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Guys Transform Old Cadillac Into World's Fastest Hot Tub

This is Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster, who are living currently living in Los Angeles, but went to school in Canada. They were attending McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where they were inspired to create a one of a kind mobile hot tub. That was in 1996. They’ve been planning this venture for a while and every single detail has been covered. 
They needed something big, yet beautiful, and unique as a platform. In order to be the world’s fastest hot tub, they needed something with a powerful motor. They decided on a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille convertible. This was an ideal chassis because of its sheer size, cool looks, big engine, and strong frame. It was mechanically sound and only cost $800.oo!

After bringing the Cadillac back to the shop, they got started on tearing out the unnecessary interior and bracing the body and frame to accommodate thousands of pounds of water.

They had to completely redesign the interior structure of the car. This included removing the dashboard, all of the seats, and the rear seat panel. They needed as much space as possible in order to lay back and relax in the world’s fastest hot tub.

Once the interior was cut up and customized to their liking and design, they had to mock-up the future hot tub using plywood and MDF (medium density fiberboard).

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