Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Incredible DIY Rotisserie BBQ Pit

It is essential that you find a good location for your Rotisserie BBQ. Make sure to take into consideration that it will produce smoke, and since you are digging a pit, be aware of possible tree roots that will cause problems with your project. If you are using an electric motor you will also need access to an electrical outlet. 

After deciding where you would like your Pit to be, level the ground and mark the perimeter (28″ x 68″) with stakes and flagging tape. Next you’ll want to lay flag stones around your perimeter to help distribute the weight of the cinder blocks and to keep the blocks from sliding into the pit.  Without flagstones the cinder blocks may fall into the pit. Dig a one foot hole within the perimeter of the flagstones.  Use 12″ strips of expanded metal with re-bar stakes to help secure the borders. This will keep the sides of the pit from caving in and ruining any chances you may have of impressing your friends and family!

Next, assemble the cinder blocks as directed in the diagram (found on page 3). Be sure to check that they are level and square throughout the process.  You do not need to use any type of mortar, just make sure they have a tight fit by laying them as close together as you can manage.  Use a hammer and an ax to remove any extra pieces of cement that might not be needed on the cinder blocks. This will allow for a tighter fit and a more aesthetically appealing BBQ Pit in your backyard.

Here is a front view of the cinder blocks on top of the flagstone foundation. Be sure to have some of the cinder blocks laying on their side so the holes allow smoke to vent through the back and side of the Rotisserie Pit. This will also allow the fire to breathe.

Put 2 inches of sand or gravel in the bottom of the pit and drill a 1/2″ hole on the top row of cinder blocks on both sides. These holes will be used to mount the hinge brackets for the lid.

 Interior of pit with base for Rotisserie Spit. The base was made with some angle iron and a little bit of welding.

 Another view of the interior of pit with base for Rotisserie Spit. They moved the base to the back side of the steel mesh to keep it out of the fire.

 Interior of pit with Rotisserie spit in place. The base uses a pipe that slides within another pipe in order to raise or lower the spit.

Use an 8 foot black steel pipe for the spit with a gear welded to one end. If you do not know how to weld I would recommend making friends with someone who does know how to weld… Support it in the pit by hammering the 4′ x 1.5″ pipe 24 inches into the ground (leaving 24 inches above ground) at both ends of the BBQ. Weld horizontal arms at the recommended height and a V’ bracket to hold the rotating pipe.

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