Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Interesting Behind The Scenes Photos Depict How “Easy” It Was To Shoot Jaws

Spielberg’s all-time masterpiece ‘Jaws,’ is the main reason why we all feel  a bit skeptic to swim alone far from the coast and the reason why we always need ‘a bigger boat’.

Jaws was an unprecedented success at the box office, but the journey to movie infamy was fraught with challenges unlike any faced before.With no CGI, with a mechanical monster and tight budget, Spielberg made “the all-time favorite blockbuster” from scratch.

Shot mostly on location on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, the film had a troubled production, going over budget and past schedule. As the art department’s mechanical sharks suffered many malfunctions, Spielberg decided to mostly suggest the animal’s presence, employing an ominous, minimalistic theme created by composer John Williams to indicate the shark’s impending appearances. Spielberg and others have compared this suggestive approach to that of classic thriller director Alfred Hitchcock. Universal Pictures gave the film what was then an exceptionally wide release for a major studio picture, over 450 screens, accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign with a heavy emphasis on television spots and tie-in merchandise.

“When I first hear the word Jaws, I just think a period of my life, when I was much younger than I am now, and because I was younger I was more courageous or more stupid, I am not sure which. So, when I think of Jaws, I think about courage and stupidity and I think and both of these things exist under water”-  sSteven Spielberg.

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