Monday, March 19, 2018

These Humans Have Accomplished Amazing Things (25 Pics)

These pictures are proof that when it comes to humanity, nothing is impossible.

Sand artist Jamie Wardley and his team have been creating these humongous sand drawings on beaches all over the north of England and Scotland.

Sean Woolnough crawling on the roof, Namotu Island, Fiji.
South African Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius is giving hope to little Ellie by being her role model and to amputees all over the world that life doesn’t necessary ends when it’s a pain to even take one single step.
”Brick Worker” by Moksumul Haque, Bangladesh.
Hannah swam with humpback whales off Vava'u Island, Tonga, to promote marine conservation and oppose whale hunting.
Lifize 3D drawings by Fiona Tang.

Climber John "Razor Sharp" Benson on the rocks of Madagascar, which locals call the "scurvy," that is "where you can not go barefoot."

Taking pictures on top of a volcano.
Jeffrey Life is an American physician and spent most of his life working and getting rich. When he turned 60 years old, he decided to focus on his health rather than his worldly possessions and began bodybuilding. He is now 74 years old and training in Muay Thai, close to earning his black belt in Taekwondo and has written two books as well. Plus he has a 6 pack better than men half his age!
On the eve of Chinese New Year, 24-years old Vadim Mahorov and his 21-years old fellow Vitaly Raskalov made it to the highest building in Shanghai and climbed its 650 meters high.
Kevin Richardson, a self-taught animal behaviorist and Zoologist raises and trains big cats, some of the most dangerous beasts of the world.
Russian beauty Zlata is a professional contortionist and Guinness World Record holder.
Giant snow Crop Circles a large scale artwork by 54-year-old British engineer Simon Beck. He walks all day to create them!
Photo by Kelly Slater using GoPro camera.
The 150 member Castellers de Vilafranca attempted a new world record by building the first eight-level human tower or castell ever assembled on a rooftop in New York City.
Portaledge camping at Yosemite.
GoPro selfie depicts horror of Hawaii plane crash.
Florian Ebner on a highline in the Austrian Dolomites, Martin Lugger.
World's most hardcore gym in Kiev, Ukraine.
Russian Photographer Katerina Plotnikova created these mind-blowing photos using dangerous animals.
It’s one thing to go diving to great depths with the help of scuba diving equipment but imagine doing all in one breath. That is exactly what free divers Christina & Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria do – go to incredible underwater depths with only one breath in their lungs.
Photoproject of Jordan Matter “Dancers among us”. 
A man saves stray cats during the flood of Cuttack in 2011.
Surgeon after a heart transplant of several hours. The assistant is sleeping on the corner.
A firefighter gives water to a koala during a fire in Victoria Australia.

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