Monday, August 27, 2018

Are YOU smart enough to pass this geography test? Tricky quiz leaves the internet stumped - and its creator claims you need a 'genius' IQ to score full marks

From capital cities to the names of major rivers, this geography quiz promises to put even the brightest minds to the test. 
The 15-question challenge covers all corners of the globe and will leave even the most well travelled players pausing for thought. 
Indeed creator Michael Rogers, who shared the test on Playbuzz, claims its so difficult that only those with an IQ in the top 1 per cent worldwide will be able to pass. 
Feel like a mental workout? Then scroll down to take the test in full. But the answers are at the bottom - so no cheating...  

  1. Amazon river
  2. USA 
  3. China 
  4. Hawaii 
  5. Morocco 
  6. Great Salt Lake
  7. Nairobi
  8. Italy
  9. Sicily
  10. Five
  11. Russia
  12. Russia
  13. Portugal
  14. Algeria
  15. 48

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