Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Horrified son sees his father, 88, being brutally kicked and dragged by his carer while checking surveillance footage

A son who had hired a caretaker to look after his elderly father was shocked to discover that she had physically abused him.
Surveillance footage recorded last Friday evening shows the 88-year-old being kicked and dragged by the caretaker as he lay on the ground in his home in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan province.
The pensioner suffered a broken hip in the incident, according to Chinese media. The man's son, surnamed Gao, was left outraged by the carer's actions and had filed a police report.
Gao hired Li, a caretaker in her 50s, in September to take care of his father, according to Henan City Channel
He said his impression of Li was very good and she seemed like a responsible person. She was paid 3,900 yuan a month (£440) to take care of the pensioner.
But Gao started to notice injuries on his father's legs. When he asked the pensions what happened, he said the caretaker had hit him.
Gao initially doubted his father and thought he was joking.  
'I thought his memory was getting mixed up because of his old age. I never thought the carer would have abused him,' he told Pear Video
However, he said his father began acting weird. He would run away from home after midnight and refuse to return to the flat.
Worried, Gao checked the surveillance footage and was horrified to see the way his father was treated.
The pair had apparently gotten into an argument in the caretaker's room and she was filmed forcibly dragging him out while appearing to kick him in the face and chest.
Gao called emergency services the next morning and the pensioner sustained a broken right hip, he said, adding that the injury could affect his mobility in the long term.
The caretaker's daughter defended her mother's action, telling reporters that the elderly man had fallen but she could not lift him up as he was too heavy.
She also said that the kick in the clip was actually her mother putting on her slippers and not of her hurting the man. 
The incident remains under police investigation, according to Henan City Channel. 

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